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Sustainable Fast Fashion: Striking a Balance for the Future

In the fast-paced fashion world, new styles and trends emerge quickly. Sustainable fast fashion is a concept that’s gaining traction. You might wonder how the fashion industry, notorious for its rapid production and turnaround times, can align with sustainability principles. Sustainable fashion aims to reduce the environmental impact and improve labor conditions within the industry.…

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wholesale clothing vendors usa
Wholesale Vendors for Clothes: Your Ultimate Guide

Finding the right wholesale vendors for your clothing business can be the stepping stone to its success. As you explore various wholesale suppliers, it’s important to prioritize quality and diversity in products. Whether you’re seeking the latest trendy styles or classic tailoring, having a variety of options will enable you to cater to a wider…

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Lab Dips Definition
Lab Dip Guide: Mastering Color Matching in Apparel

Color is crucial in fashion—it sets moods, shows off brands, and even sways shoppers. Getting the color right can make an outfit a hit.  Getting color wrong can mean a pile of unsold clothes and a damaged reputation. That’s where the art of color matching comes in. The lab dip process is the heart of…

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Sketches and color samples on a table.
5 Tips for a Successful Pre-Production Sample Process

In the world of garment manufacturing, pre-production samples–commonly known as PP samples–play an important role. These samples are the first physical manifestations of a clothing design, brought to life before mass production starts. They serve as a critical checkpoint for designers, manufacturers, and clients to ensure that every aspect of the garment, from fabric choice…

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5 Reasons Your Digital Print Fabrics Aren’t the Correct Color

You have created another perfect print in your digital print fabrics line. The artwork is gorgeous. Your customer will LOVE it, sales on your print designs will go through the roof, and you’ll stay on the fast track for that promotion. Except when the 1st apparel print strike-off comes back from the printer, it will…

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Sourcing Fabric for Price-Sensitive Categories

I blog extensively about current events in our industry, apparel initiatives in the news, and information apparel entrepreneurs and fashion designers may find helpful. In this post, I’m sharing a case study I hope you’ll find useful in your fabric development and fabric-sourcing efforts. This Post is All About Fabric Sourcing for Price-Sensitive Categories Sourcing…

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