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Part II: How to Completely Ditch Your Work Computer for the IPad

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As I told you in a previous post, my computer crashed. Since I have a business to run, I couldn’t just wait for my computer to get fixed- I had to come up with a solution that would help me get my work done.

My business computer, a Dell XPS 15 laptop, is a decent computer, and I do EVERYTHING on it. From client invoice creation, client database administration, website development, to mind-mapping and project management, this baby does it all.

So as you can imagine, I was concerned that the IPad couldn’t handle all that I would need to throw at it. Here are pictures of my set-up below. I have the IPad 2 with the Targus Bluetooth Keyboard and the Brookstone leather cover. I picked up both at Staples, and the keyboard is super easy to use. It is a necessity in my opinion for any high volume work.



The main tasks that I have needed to tackle in the last few days were:

- client contact database management
- WOSB certification
- Emails
- Blog posts

The first task on the list was to begin repopulating my client contact database. On my XPS, I used Microsoft Access to create the database. The real possibility exists that my original database full of 700+ contacts is gone forever. I won’t know until Dell ships me the disk I need to get my computer running again. In the meantime, I had to search for a database app. I downloaded Bento, HanDBase, and Quickoffice HD. Bento and HanDBase seem powerful, but I needed a simple, quick way to upload all the information in spreadsheet form. I settled on Quickoffice and have used it for my database needs. It is easy to use, and does what I need it to do.  For the base excel spreadsheet that I needed to create to populate my client database, Quickoffice was good enough.  It was only until I attempted to go through WOSB certification  that I realized Numbers and Pages from Apple is way better……..(More in Part III)

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