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Another Garment Factory Fire In Bangladesh

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 There was another garment factory fire last Saturday afternoon in Bangladesh. 7 women died in the blaze.

There won’t be any fancy pictures in this post, and there will not be any marketing call-to-action. The only call-to-action in this blog post is a call to the entire apparel industry to stand up and REFUSE to accept the fact that locked exits in charred garment factories overseas is a “cost of doing business”.  It is said that the factory was illegally built, without working fire alarms, and with fire exits locked.

Let me note that  it is unclear at this time whether the garments made in the factory were being made for export, or whether they were for domestic sale in Bangladesh.  No major apparel brands have come forward to indicate any connection to the factory. But does it really matter who comes forward to indicate ownership of the product?

Mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters died horrible, horrible deaths in that garment factory fire.  ANOTHER ONE.  AGAIN.  And unless we actively do something to stop it, we are complicit in allowing it to happen.  Let’s all make sure we are doing everything we can to do business in factories with working fire alarms, adequate UNLOCKED fire exits, and that are following best practices in general safety.  Show these people that they are worth protecting.


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  • Rishad Rayyaan

    February 4, 2013 at 11:43 am

    This small industries are being built and being expanded because the are getting secondary contracts from the other big factories. It means that big factories are grabbing orders, getting over-saturated and transferring those orders to smaller factories.

    Yes, smaller factories do not need to comply with the compliance rules and they are out law-enforcers hands by the very old universal mean, ‘bribe’.

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