Typical Client Results

Clients see real benefits by partnering with Technical Textile Solutions.

Clients see real benefits by partnering with Technical Textile Solutions.
Just some of the client benefits include:

A client saved $1.2M dollars per year on the bottom line after Michelle re-developed and re-sourced two key components of their two top-selling product lines, without changing form, fit, or function.

Saved $180,000 in one 6-month season by consolidating the supplier’s raw material portfolio, without sacrificing raw material quality or lead-times.

Reduced time to lab-dip approval by 60% (reduced from 6 months to 2.5months) by streamlining external communications and implementing a new transparent lab dip tracking and communication system.

Increased material quality and improved on-time material delivery through creation of material standards in partnership with material supplier. As a result of working with the supplier to create the standard, TTS enhanced the trust between the client and their supplier.

Increase in customer profits by reducing reworked orders.

Saved client time & money by eliminating unnecessary costly external testing via the creation of a sensible 3rd party testing program.

Reduction in go-to-market time for apparel, fabric, and trim development through the use of approved vendors in: China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Isreal, Portugal, Italy, UK, Honduras, Mexico, Canada, El Salvador.

Faster color approvals for fabric and trims, meaning client can sell products faster.

Increased client confidence through technical education.

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