Does your company’s color approval process take weeks and months, and still doesn’t deliver good color matches?

• What if you could reduce the time required for color matching by communicating with your supplier in terms they can understand and implement immediately, reducing your brand’s lab dip approval time?

Do merchants and designers constantly have to accept poor color matches because you are out of time?

• What if you could practically guarantee acceptable color matches from your vendors because of improved color communication? What if you could design your print artwork with color management in mind, so that the artwork is color approved faster?

Are you tired of your customer rejecting your lab dips without telling you exactly what is wrong with them, in terms you can understand, so that you can correct them?

• What if you could communicate your needs more effectively to your brand customer, so that the brand’s busy color team understood the urgency of your needs and you worked to achieve color approvals as partners working together, not against each other?

Attend my 5- part Textile Industry Color Matching teleseminar, and you will accomplish all that and more through:

• 5 Weekly phone seminars. There are 5 programs and each program is approximately 1.5 hours. Each call covers one program topic for the first 60 minutes, then the floor is opened up for your tailored question and answer session for the last 30 minutes of every call.

Program 1: Intro to the Program/ The Design Stage

Call held on October 16, 2012 @4:00-5:30 PM EST

•How to create artwork from the start that is easier to color match
•Best practices to use to make sure your supplier base has the color they need, before they need it
•The best naming conventions for artwork files to avoid confusion at the print house
•What to ask your brand customer BEFORE you receive their artwork files or lab dip requests.

Program 2: Vendor Color & Artwork Communication

Call held on October 23rd, 2012 @4:00- 5:30 PM EST

• Color standard distribution best practices
• What to ask your customer as soon as you receive their artwork
• How to send artwork to your supplier so they can get started on your strike-off immediately.

Program 3: Lab Dip & Strike-off Color Comment Process

Call held on October 30, 2012 @ 4:00-5:30 EST

• What to ALWAYS communicate if you want your supplier to submit the right lab dips & strike-offs
• What to NEVER communicate if you want your supplier to submit the right lab dips & strike-offs
• Best practices to use when submitting lab dips & strike-offs for approval to your customer
• Surefire ways to improve your supplier bases’ color matching performance.

Program 4: Bulk Production and Beyond

Call held on November 6th, 2012 @4:00-5:30 EST

• How to improve your bulk production correlation to your lab-dip approval.
• Best practices to put in place to ensure your bulk production shade doesn’t shift over time.
• Common problems that cause bulk production to vary from lab dip, and how to combat them.

Program 5 Bonus: Supply Chain Tool Review

Call held on November 13th, 2012

•Honest industry feedback on common industry tools used for color matching- ask your equipment-related questions here, and get honest, opinionated feedback here.

o Including exclusive tools, checklists, and best practice materials, all yours to keep for your future use

o I’m also adding an audio download available after each call, so you can still hear every word of the program even if you can’t attend the call because you are managing color 


• Membership to an exclusive, confidential closed Facebook group page, gaining you access to other members with the same issues. Share your own best practices related to the industry and your unique business, ask questions, share raw material supplier reviews (for example), and network with contacts in your industry all over the globe. All done confidentially, in a safe on-line environment.

My clients say this access is worth the cost of the seminar, alone.

How much would YOU pay for 7+ hours of color matching best practices, the opportunity to interact with and have your specific questions answered by experts in the industry, and access to an exclusive industry networking group?
All this for $97 US.

An industry study 10 years ago calculated the cost to the apparel supply chain for each lab dip dyed.
The cost? $100 US. That was 10 years ago.
Are YOU willing to invest the cost of 1 lab dip to reduce your time to lab dip approval– returning your investment hundreds, even thousands of times?

If so, click here to sign up for my color approval teleseminar series today. It is an investment of $97 dollars.
When you sign up, I’ll personally give you a call to discuss the exact issues that keep YOU up at night, so we can make sure to make this seminar is more than worth YOUR time and investment.
Don’t miss this opportunity, because I can promise my future teleseminar series on the apparel supply chain, color, and quality won’t be priced as low as $97.

Sign up now-through September 30 to receive this low price of $97. After September 30, the 5 part teleseminar series price increases to $147.

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