What Do Michelle’s Clients Say About Her?


“I would absolutely recommend this service to others. Michelle is a true professional who genuinely cares about her clients’ needs.  If she does work for you I guarantee you’ll find yourself wishing she would never leave your team.  She is the best at what she does, and she also just an all-around good person that you’ll thoroughly enjoy working with.  When we first starting working with Michelle, I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had not ever worked with an outside consultant.  Michelle is incredibly knowledgeable about the industry.  I have a great deal of respect for her and services she provides. She immediately jumped into working with our fabric development team at a time when we were overloaded and could see everything from an outside perspective.  Her advice on how to operate more effectively and efficiently was a lifesaver.”

K. Wilhite, NYC


“Michelle is extremely professional and proactive. I had no hesitations over working with her, and I would highly recommend her consulting services to anyone interested in working with her for raw materials consulting”

K. Allen, Ft. Myers, Florida


“I would recommend Michelle to anyone, except my competitors.  Michelle has a broad range of knowledge in apparel and textiles, and she understands the ‘big picture”. This enables her to make better recommendations, whether strategic or tactical. Michelle is a great talent with the right combination of business sense, technical knowledge, and street savvy.”

D. Andreas, Ft. Myers, Florida


“I would recommend Michelle for color consulting, absolutely.  Michelle is very knowledgeable and color management and is able to offer suggestions and solutions based on her experience, and industry best business practice.  She is very approachable, and is solution-oriented.”

K. Bell, Dearborn, MI


“Michelle was highly recommended by a trusted colleague of mine, because my business partner and I needed someone to help us commercialize our new product idea. I was apprehensive about being taken seriously and having a consultant take an earnest interest and stake into the project. I wanted to make sure I partnered with someone that understood the concept, value and potential behind our new product idea.  I wanted someone that would want to be involved as much as I needed them to be and not just collect fees. I really wanted a consultant I could trust. And I felt really good about Michelle meeting that criteria after our first few conversations. Then, once we brought her on, Michelle had the same amount of intensity and urgency to get the project going and finalized as I did. She collaborates on the project as if this is her own brainchild. Michelle manages expectations well, and is able to effectively communicate to different levels of technical experience. She has a willingness to work hard to deliver exceptional results and she has the ability to listen and create solutions for any situation. Her attention to detail, in-depth industry knowledge, and know-how to take on new challenges assured me every time that my partner and I made the right decision to bring Michelle on. I would absolutely recommend Michelle to anyone that would listen.  I tell people now, Michelle has made this entire process seamless and positive.  I would not be this close to achieving my dream without her guidance and input.  I value her as if she were part of the internal team.”

S. Johnson, Prairie View, Minnesota


“I would recommend Michelle without a doubt.  Her professionalism and positive energy are contagious.  She is very detail- oriented and very thorough.  She went above and beyond in helping commercialize our product.  Her knowledge and willingness to share helped through the entire process.”

A.Burleson, Seattle, WA          


“Working with Michelle was like having a “How-to” guide for every step of the way.  The suggestions she makes are based on her vast knowledge in many different areas, and she helped me see things through a totally different lens.  I would recommend Michelle a thousand times! She is a great person and doesn’t meet a stranger.  She is definitely one-of-a-kind.  I am forever grateful that we crossed paths and that I had the opportunity to work with her.”

 R. German, Seattle, WA


 Interested in working with Michelle?  Take a look at her Consulting On-Demand Packages, or email her at:  michelle.roberts@technicaltextilesolutions.com.


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