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Textile News Wrap Up: September 3- September 12

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Here are the newsworthy posts I’ve read recently- if you want to check them out too, they are right here in one place!  In a nutshell, sustainability was a popular topic this time around.

Cotton An informative post from the Textile Exchange about the upcoming Organic Cotton Round Table in Hong Kong this October, and a recap of the last 10 years of organic cotton with a discussion of the roadblocks to organic cotton’s future growth.  Organic cotton is one of those topics that has become mainstream, so it’s nice to see a full blog post devoted to its history and its future. Cotton Incorporated’s US Economic Letter from August, detailing US and Global Market Fundamentals for cotton. Cotton futures have edged up recently, but it isn’t clear if the trend is likely to continue.

Sustainability The RITE Group Conference takes place this October at Central Hall, Westminster, London and will feature industry specialists in the clothing and textile industries discussing sustainable fashion, organic cotton, recycling, chemicals, and textile pollution. H&M Bans the use of PFCs (Perfluorinated Compounds) for all orders placed on January 1st 2013 onward. PFCs are used as water, stain, and grease repellents. Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) is co-branding along with SustainU, a line of 100% recycled graphic T Shirts that are Made in the USA. Sri Lankan apparel company Brandix Group explains that increasing the sustainability of its operations have also increased profit. We need to do a better job linking sustainability efforts to reducing costs.  I believe that is a natural consequence of using less, but we don’t talk about that enough as an industry.

Equipment Stork Textile unveiled their newest textile printer, Sphene, at ITMA Asia back in June . Live demonstrations were held of the brand new printer, which the company touted as the future of digital textile printing with print speeds of up to  555 m²/hr (6000ft2/hr).  Its industrial fabric feeding system allows a variety of fabrics to be used, at widths of up to 1.85 meters (6 ft). Dornier Looms showcased their Rapier and Air-Jet looms at ITMA Asia.

Miscellaneous New California law protects religious attire at work.  Scientists have found nature’s way of creating color that never fades- layers of cellulose that reflect specific wavelengths of light that create “structural color”. This color that never fades can be found in scarab beetles, peacock feathers, and butterflies, the article says.  Pretty cool stuff.  No colorfastness worries there :)

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