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Textile News Wrap Up: August 27- September 2

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Happy Labor Day!

Now that I’ve had a second to relax, I thought I’d share the textile news wrap-up for the week of August 27th. I had every intention of sharing this post with you on Friday, but visiting with family and eating lots of delicious home-cooked food from the garden took priority- I’m sure you understand :)

Fiber News

A great article on how textile innovation is fueling new fibers, including Crailar Flax-

 Invista is partnering with domestic spinners in India to create Coolmax fibers for Indian clothing market.


Textile Equipment News

Fong’s acquires Monforts, well-known textile finishing equipment manufacturer.

By using Kornit’s patent-pending pigment inks, a range of textile fabrics can be printed using the same printer and same set of inks, and allows entire print process to be conducted without removing fabric from printer for additional processing.


Brands & Retailers

New Chinese headquarters for adidas.

Allegations of sexual harassment by Bangladeshi manager at Cambodian factory causes Gap to call for investigation.

Who thought these shirts were ok? Urban Outfitters T Shirts designed for teens promote drinking alcohol.

Interesting article about Crocs and how they are using marketing initiatives and consumer data to drive future direction.


Country News: Focus China

Interesting report from the Clothing & Textiles Research Journal regarding the impact of R&D spending on financial performance for Chinese textile companies.

Reiter’s new plant in China is fully operational, and will help the textile spinning equipment giant serve the Chinese market at a higher level.


Organizations, etc.

The National Cotton Council was updated on key issues impacting the global and local cotton markets.

 AATCC’s Maria Thiry won the 2012 TABBIE award for her article on textile sustainability.


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  • Noman Saeed

    December 13, 2012 at 4:37 am

    Energy crisis is one the core reasons that affect industries in Pakistan esp the textile industry which is one of our largest exports. On the other hand Govt is being unsupportive by holding refund claims of the garments exporters. This can create a dire impact on our economy as textile is the backbone of our country’s economy and valuable contribution towards economic development.

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