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Lesson One of The Art of War for Entrepreneurs Twitter Series: Get Comfortable with Reality and Stop Lying to Yourself

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The Art of War for Entrepreneurs Prep Lesson #1: Get Comfortable with Reality and Stop Lying to Yourself!

Over-arching positive self-talk has a downside.  Yes, you can do anything you set your mind to, yada yada. BUT, the first step in accomplishing that is seeing a situation for what it TRULY is.  We explain away negative situations to ourselves in ways that protect our pride or save our ego, but you cannot lie to yourself and truly succeed in business.  We lie to others, but it is not possible to successfully lie to yourself.  Lying to yourself only causes you stress and turmoil because your inner self KNOWS the truth no matter how painful it is, and the stress comes from the mismatch between the lie you are trying to believe and the truth.  Get used to being brutally honest with yourself, then get used to winning.

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