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Lesson 2 of my Art of War for Entrepreneur Twitter Series: Have Measurable Goals for EVERYTHING

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The goal of starting your own business is to be successful.  All of your activities should be geared toward this measurable goal- every single one of them.  Starting and running a business, like anything in life worth having, is difficult and you can’t afford to waste your efforts on things that don’t advance your goal of being successful.  That is why you must first decide for yourself exactly what “success” is.  Exactly how will you know when you are successful?  Are you in business so that you can control your own destiny completely? Is it to make money?  If so, how much money?  Are you in business so that you can create your own schedule?  If so, how much flexibility do you need to be satisfied with your success?

Once you know EXACTLY what “SUCCESS” means to you, then decide exactly what actions you need to take to support that goal, and measure your progress RUTHLESSLY.  If you are not measuring your progress on these activities, you don’t know if you are improving, and you’ll never know if the activities you have chosen are the right ones for your business to be successful.  Whether your activity is a new social media campaign, an investment in office space, hiring new employees- whatever it is, measure your results consistently and don’t be afraid to change course if something isn’t working.

But you will never know if something’s not working if you don’t know what your goals are to begin with.

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