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Apparel Decorator

Material Sourcing- Are you just starting out in the Decorated Apparel Industry? Do you need help selecting heat transfer materials, decorating supplies, heat presses, etc? Technical Textile Solutions will help you every step of the way to set up the materials for your new business, and will serve as your on-call “Technical Director” when you need help but can’t get the answers you’re looking for from your suppliers.

CPSIA- Are you afraid the CPSIA regulations and requirements will put you out of business? Let Technical Textile Solutions help you comply with the requirements without spending more than you have to.

T-Shirt Selection- Are you spending more money for blanks than you should? Technical Textile Solutions can help you understand exactly what you are buying so you don’t spend more money on blanks than you need to.

Technical Textile Solutions is always creating free resources and launching new products to help Apparel Decorators meet or exceed their customer’s expectations, and save time and money.

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